The Kung Fu Ko

THE KUNG FU KO ("KFK") was an electronic music project developed by Hugo Cristo, designer and professor at the Industrial Design Department on Universidade Federal do Espírito Santo - Brazil. The project's main purpose is creating audiovisual perfomances, generating 3D animations from music data played live using computers and synthesizers.

The project was active from Oct'2009 until Feb'2010, when it was officially closed.

KUNG FU KO is the sum of two names: Kung Fu, which is understood as a Chinese martial art, but it also may refer colloquially to any individual accomplishment or skill cultivated through long and hard work; and the name of french phylosopher Michel Foucault ("FOUCAULT" is spelled "FU KO"), known for his archeology of knowledge and power. Alongside Gilles Deleuze, Foucault created a visionary way of understanding the forces that drives our lifes and societies.

Hugo Cristo composes electronic music using computers since the nineties, when he produced music, code and graphics for major brazilian PC demogroups. At the same time, he performed as a DJ and had formal music classes, learning how to play the sax, trumpet and the drums. Since 2000, Hugo have been designing projects which propose the articulation between his design education and the musical experiences from the nineties, but most of the projects were restricted to distribute music and computer-based animations on the Internet.

Everything started in the end of 2008, Hugo had the idea of building a mobile setup to play live electronic music, connected to three-dimensional real-time computer generated projections. The project was shut down in Feb 25th 2010 because Hugo wanted to try different things.

The KFK gear was hybrid and made every single performance unique: computers, drum machines, analog and virtual synthesizers, midi controllers, effects processors and even a Nintendo DS console.

You can listen our music at, check our MySpace profile or visit our Fiber and Reverbnation pages. There was also a twitter page too.